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15 Gmail Hacks for Busy Teachers

15 Gmail Hacks for Busy Teachers

By Get Voip

Whooo's Reading - Learn MoreAs a teacher, you likely spend an excessive amount of time sorting through your email inbox. This is time that could be spent developing lesson plans, grading assignments, or other tasks that are actually beneficial to students.

To help you regain some of this time, use this guide, which details various tips and tricks within Gmail that can increase efficiency.

Mastering these techniques will help you organize and conquer your inbox faster so you can spend time on more important things. Check out the tips below and take back control of your inbox!

1. Create Gmail Tasks

Did you get an email with a request from one of your students’ parents? Turn it into a task right away with this simple feature; you’ll be less likely to forget and it won’t be hanging over your head if you walk away without writing it down.


2. Star Your Emails

Wow – if you’ve been using Gmail for as long as we have without knowing this hack, you’re in luck. Now you can bring even more organization to your overflowing inbox. Use different star colors to delineate priority so it’s easy to glance-and-go.



3. Label Your Emails

This is another simple way of categorizing your emails in a way that’s easy to see quickly and easily. No more digging through folders—just use labels so you can find what you need fast. This is especially helpful if you tend to get school emails in your personal inbox.



4. Set Up Folders

File every email so you’re not stressed when you look at an overflowing inbox. One less thing to stress you out!



5. Take Time to Unsubscribe

Few things take more time than deleting every email you don’t care about, yet managed to land in your inbox. Get rid of that clutter by unsubscribing regularly. If you’re someone who tries a lot of different tools, you’ll likely be on many email lists; so this one is for you.



6. Set the “Undo” Function

This is a life-saver; if you’ve ever sent an email and immediately realized you needed to attach something or forgot an important detail, all you do is click “undo.” Send one wrong email and you’ll see the value of this feature.



7. Find What You Need—Fast

Looking for emails from a specific teacher? About a certain student? Don’t hesitate to use your search operators, which will help you find what you need faster. Instead of scrolling through folders, specify labels, words in the subject line or even search by attachment. Check out the specific operators you can use below.



8. Archive Automatically

If you like to archive most of your emails, set up this simple function. It’ll save you a click, which can be everything for a busy teacher.



9. See The Most Important Messages First

Instead of digging through junk to get to that ONE email from your teacher assistant that you needed—sign in and see it right away when you set up your priority inbox.



10. Recruit Digital Helpers

Plug-ins are a great way to get more functionality out of your inbox. Reduce distractions, keep track of how long it takes you to pen important emails, or integrate your tasks, emails and projects to easily navigate between them.



11. Step Away From a Conversation

If you’ve been looped into a conversation with another teacher and your principal, but are no longer needed, simply mute the thread. This will archive all future emails within that thread, so you don’t have to be distracted by them coming into your inbox.



12. Use Fancy Fingers for Speed

These shortcuts reduce the time you need to spend in your email—from composing a new message to deleting a bunch of messages. Learn the ones that will be most helpful for you.



13. Filter Messages Automatically

If you get the same update email, from the same person, on the same day, create a filter for it. This way, you can go to that folder when you have time, instead of having it interrupt you as it hits your inbox. This is perfect for regular weekly teacher updates, newsletters from your principal and the like.



14. Spend Less Time Responding

This is perfect for responding to parents who have the same questions about a specific project or classroom event.


15. Make Gmail Privacy a Priority

Security is no joke when you’re talking about students. Don’t take it lightly; use a plugin like this one to ensure all private emails are secure.


These images originally appeared on GetVoip.

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15 Gmail Hacks for Busy Teachers

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