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10 Interactive Classroom Tools for All Teachers to Try

10 Interactive Classroom Tools for All Teachers to Try

By Armine Marukyan

With the advent of classroom technology, many teachers have turned to interactive teaching methods and the tools that facilitate them—and for good reason. Interactive learning provides a myriad of opportunities for educators to come up with fun and engaging lesson ideas.

Not to mention, it has been proven to develop higher-level thinking skills while increasing student engagement and learning retention. It also helps you meet the individual learning styles of all students with different types of media.

Despite the value, many teachers are still struggling to find the right classroom tools among thousands of apps products available to them. That’s why we create this list of 10 interactive classroom tools for all teachers to try.

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Khan Academy

With Khan Academy your students can learn virtually anything, all for free. Lessons are mostly presented through videos and interesting challenges. Learners also earn badges in line with their achievements and can save their progress to their own profile. It’s a nice tool to supplement your teaching with extra resources and provide more brainwork for your students.

Swift Polling

This is a classroom response app that allows you to create real-time text or online polls, word clouds and interactive Q&As. It’s an excellent tool to gauge students’ understanding of the lesson, prepare the class for discussing sensitive topics, or run competitions or school talent shows. The ability to submit responses anonymously increases student participation and engagement.


This is an online video-making tool that you and your students can use to create videos and animated presentations. It can be used to re-format education materials and adopt an out-of-box approach to classroom projects that require more creativity. Students will love learning how to make their own videos and then showing off the final product. (Check out these awesome tools for making How-To videos with students!)


Canva is a free designer tool, but it can also be used as an alternative to PowerPoint to make more visually appealing presentations. This drag and drop tool offers dozens of fresh and beautifully designed layouts you and your students can use to make presentations, infographics or images for your classroom blog.

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Virtual Escape Rooms

In an escape room game, students are trapped and they must escape. This was originally created as an in-person experience, but now students can use their strategy skills to escape online too. Escaping usually involves solving a series of logic puzzles, making them especially good for science classes as a way to develop logical thinking skills.

While students are working online to solve clues and advance to the next page of the virtual escape room, you can use remind apps to send other information. These new tasks, and clues, sent via the Remind app, will integrate the clues into what they’re already using. This prevents the students from getting bored and keeps them actively thinking and synthesizing information.

Class Dojo

This is a free classroom communication, community building, and behavior management application. Class Dojo enables teachers to not only track behavior and share this with parents, but also assign students tasks which build positive behavioral skills and traits. Students make their own avatars, gain and lose points based on classroom behavior, discuss approaches, and learn other soft skills agreed upon by the teacher and the class.

Whooo’s Reading

With more than 120K teachers on board, Whooo’s Reading is an obvious choice for your interactive classroom. This tool that encourages students to read more of what they love. As a teacher, you use it to set individual or group reading goals, while tracking their progress against a variety of reading standards (you choose the one you follow).

Students will love interacting with their fellow learners, commenting on what they’re reading, and talking about their favorite books. As they read more, and answer higher-level thinking questions, they earn coins that can be used to buy accessories for their digital owl—making reading more exciting for everyone.

Interactive Google Education Tools

Google also has some beautiful apps that can help you make your classes more interactive. Here are some of them.

Google Cultural Institute

This website was launched in 2011 and allows students to explore cultural treasures and stories of different civilizations and times. Historians and curators at Google Cultural Institute create stories around the available materials, making learning easy and interesting.

This website is like a huge history book, with more than 200,000 high resolution digital images of artwork, 7 million artifact images, 1,800 Street View museums, and 3,000 online exhibitions. There’s a lot your students can explore here.

Google Expeditions

What can be better than taking students beyond the classroom walls than visiting some of the most iconic places in the world? While it might be difficult to visit places physically, due to distance and other logistical issues, technology makes everything possible.

You can use Google Expeditions to make virtual field trips to any place in the world, go into buildings, explore natural monuments and hiking trails, and many more. For more fun, you can also suggest different group games, like city scavenger hunt: Imagine your students trying to find the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

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Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a powerful community-based social tool for learning. It allows students to post questions and receive answers from their teachers and fellow students. Furthermore, you can post intriguing questions and lesson materials to be reviewed at home.

More Google Classroom resources:

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10 Interactive Classroom Tools for Teachers to Try

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