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10 Free K-8 Literacy Worksheet Printables

10 Free K-8 Literacy Worksheet Printables

By Whooo’s Reading Blog Team

We know teachers are pressed for time AND money. That’s why we’re now offering thousands of printable worksheets to Whooo’s Reading users. If you’re not yet signed up, download these ones for free to see how your students like them! Want to know more about Whooo’s Reading?

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Title: Morning Routine


Description: Students will use what they know about a character or person from their text, as well as their imagination, to draw and explain that person’s morning routine.

Grades: K-8 | Skill Set: Curiosity

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Title: Comparing Characters


Description: Students will compare two characters from their book using a venn diagram.

Grades:  3-8 | Skill Set: People and Characters

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Title: Climb the Story Mountain


Description: Students will identify and describe the setting, rising actions, climax, falling actions, and resolution of their story, while drawing on specific details in the text. They will then explain how the setting affected the plot.

Grades: 2-8 | Skill Set: Plot and Setting / Standard R.3

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Title: Film Strip


Description: Students will draw and describe three scenes that represent key moments from this text.

Grades: K-4 | Skill Set: Main Ideas / Standard R.2

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Title: Put it in Order


Description: Students will list either events from their story, or steps to do something from their text. Then, students will drag and drop these events or steps to put them in the correct order.

Grades: 2-3 | Skill Set: Events and Ideas / Standard R.3

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Title: Unfamiliar Words


Description: Students will list two unfamiliar words used frequently in their text. They will then explain why they think the author used those words so frequently, and whether or not they think these words are important to the main ideas in their text.

Grades: K-3 | Skill Set: Main Ideas / Standard R.2

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Title: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes


Description: Students will describe how one of the main characters changed from the beginning to the end of their text.

Grades: K-3 | Skill Set: People and Characters

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Title: Busy President


Description: Students will describe the main message of their text to the president before he commits to reading it. Students will then provide evidence from their text that supports their claims regarding the main message.

Grades: 5-8 | Skill Set: Themes / Standard R.2

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Title: Why Did it Happen?


Description: Students will match generic causes and effects, and then think of one cause and one effect from their own text.

Grades: K-3 | Skill Set: Events and Ideas / Standard R.3

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Title: Friend or Foe?


Description: Students will list as many characters from their book and other stories they have read as they can, and then cut and paste those names under ‘friend’ or ‘foe.’ Then they will describe the actions of each group of characters.

Grades: K-1 | Skill Set: Text to Text Connections / Standard R.9

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10 Free Literacy Worksheets From Whooo's Reading

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