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Spotlight on Yoobi: How You Can Become an Everyday Education Hero

Spotlight on Yoobi: How You Can Become an Everyday Education Hero

By Jessica Sanders

We are excited to have Justin Wolff, Yoobi’s Chief Giving Officer, here on the Learn2Earn blog!

Yoobi has partnered with amazing organizations, like the non-profit Kids In Need Foundation. Together, they identify classrooms in schools across the U.S. with students who have the greatest need for school supplies.

They also work with Starlight Children’s Foundation to provide hospitals with school supplies for their in-patient classrooms, ensuring kids can continue to learn and be creative during their stay. Educational continuity is a huge part of the recovery plan for the one in four children in the U.S. affected by chronic illness.

“We believe that access to basic learning tools should be a right, and not a privilege, and that your zip code should not limit the quality of education a child receives.”

Learn a little more about Justin and Yoobi—and don’t miss out on their promotional code so you can purchase a few Yoobi items for your classroom!

What is your position at Yoobi? What do you do?

I am the Chief Giving Officer at Yoobi, an awesome school supply company that gives back to classrooms in need. I oversee our buy one, give one program, developing our strategic partnerships in order to make sure that our donated school supplies make their way to the kids that need them most right here in the US.

My job is to ensure that our give is at the center of everything we do at Yoobi—whether it’s product packaging, design, marketing or operations, we’re always thinking about how our actions and decisions will impact our ability to give.

I also make sure that everyone, regardless of their role in the company, understands how we give, who we give to, why we give, and also that they have the opportunity to participate in giving events.

Finally, I work with Yoobi retail to develop close relationships with local school districts and maximize back to school engagement.

What is Yoobi? How did it come about?

After a trip down the school supply aisle with his daughters, Yoobi co-founder and CEO Ido Leffler saw a distinct lack of creativity in the space and the opportunity to create a brand that would both inspire and help students.

Chief Giving Officer, Justin

Chief Giving Officer, Justin

Together, we set out not only to disrupt the traditional assortment of bland, colorless options, but to also solve an important problem along the way. Too many kids in too many zip codes have little to no access to the fundamental tools they need to learn effectively.

To bridge the gap, teachers across the U.S. spend $1.6 billion per year out of their own pockets on school supplies.

With education budgets shrinking daily, and with teachers spending more and more money each year out-of-pocket to provide their students with basic learning tools, we knew there had to be a better way.

Prior to Yoobi, I was an attorney, and during my practice, I did some pro-bono work in the education space, where I had a front row seat to the reality of today’s classrooms.

When Ido approached me with the idea of creating amazing, colorful and engaging school supplies that also gave back, I knew my life would forever change—that we were about to embark on something very special with Yoobi.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about Yoobi?

There are two things that come to mind immediately.

The first is that all of our donations go to support classrooms and kids right here in the US. So much philanthropy serves needs abroad, which is important because there is so much work to be done.

But, for Yoobi in particular, the problem we’re addressing is one that affects the kids and teachers here in our own backyard.

At Yoobi, we believe that access to basic learning tools should be a right, and not a privilege, and that your zip code should not limit the quality of education a child receives. Yoobi’s unique One for You, One for Me program of giving a supply for every item bought, has already provided free school supplies to more than 500,000 elementary school kids, and we’re not even through our first year.

The second thing is how affordable Yoobi products are. Everything on the shelf sells for less than $10. That empowers everyday shoppers to become everyday heroes. You don’t have to break the bank in order to make a difference in another kid’s life. You just have to pick Yoobi!

What is your favorite product? What is your top-selling product?

Some of our top-selling products include the Mini Office Kit, Pretzel Erasers, Mini Highlighters and 12pk Gel Pens.

My favorite product is our camo-green pencil pack. The color just screams HAPPY! I keep my 18-month old daughter’s markers and crayons inside them, and she totes them around wearing her pencil pouch like a backpack. Yoobi too cute!

1.6 billion_yoobiCan teachers get involved with what you do outside of buying your products?

Absolutely! Our ability to make a difference depends on getting the word out. Teachers can be our greatest Yoobassadors.

The more teachers that engage with us on social media—@Yoobi, #yoobigives—and the more teachers talk about what they face every day that they go into class (or how much they spend on basic supplies for their students, or how Yoobi has affected their classrooms), the more classrooms we’ll be able to touch. That’s how we build a Yoobi nation.

Another amazing way teachers can get involved is by putting Yoobi brand products on their back to school lists for students. That simple act alone could collectively provide free school supplies to tens of thousands of kids, right here in the US.


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