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10 Undeniable Reasons to Switch to Digital Quizzes

10 Undeniable Reasons to Switch to Digital Quizzes

By Megan Ray Nichols

Bring a new level of learning to your classroom with digital quizzes. These interactive tests are not just for wasting time online—they can boost student engagement, make your life easier and so much more.

Once you realize how valuable these quizzes can be, you’ll want to start using them for every exam you give! (And you can with these awesome digital quiz tools!)

Here are 10 undeniable reasons to make the switch to digital quizzes.

Digital Quizzes are More Engaging

Digital quizzes are more than just a piece of paper with lines for writing answers. You can integrate interactive experiences, like watching a video, to make quizzes more engaging. The best part is, they can be classroom-based, with all students answering at the same time, or use with individual laptops, as part of a homework or individual assignment.

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They Allow You to Reinforce Facts

Digital quizzes make it easier to see how students are grasping concepts between larger unit exams because they’re easier for you to create and administer. In many cases, they get graded for you, which make them even less time-consuming to manage.

For example, assign digital quizzes at the end of a homework reading to see how much students understood from the chapter. If there’s more review needed, you can bring that into your next lesson.

They Provide Instant and Long-Term Results

Many students lament the time it takes for teachers to grade quizzes or tests. With digital quizzes, you and your students get instant results. You can also easily see if you need to reteach concepts or if your class is ready to move onto the next topic, as most platforms include an overview dashboard with insights.

You may even see students improving on test-taking over time. After playing a game, 65 percent of participating students earned an A on a second test on the same topic. Fun, digital learning produces both instant and long-term results.

They’re More Interactive

Students want more interactivity. In a survey of college students, 61 percent thought greater homework interactivity would make learning better. Use digital quizzes to make homework more interactive, whether you use all different question formats or integrate the lesson’s slideshow presentation.

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They Show Student Success in Real-Time

You won’t have to wonder whether your students understand what you’re teaching. Live digital quizzes, done during class, allow you see if the lessons are resonating with your students. No more guessing about what’s working and what’s not.

They Allow You to See Performance Based on Topics

Most quiz tools provide analytics or insights that shed light on what percentage of students answered each question correctly or what topics were most challenging for a majority of the class. In this way, you can start catering your lessons toward what your students need that day, based on a quiz they took last night. You could also more effectively break out in groups depending on what each student needs to focus on.

They Encourage Students to Engage in Social Learning

Students naturally know how to use technology, and digital quizzes give them a chance to work with tools they feel most comfortable with. Since they don’t have to learn new techniques, they can concentrate on cooperation with other students in a social learning setting. Through this collaborative learning, students can help each other bridge knowledge gaps in their education.

They Integrate Multimedia Into Learning

Multimedia sources, such as videos and music, are easy to integrate into digital quizzes, as we’ve talked about a bit already. You can even have students watch an educational video before a quiz and answer questions about what they saw. This makes various aspects of your teaching more effective—rather than just idly watching a video, they need to stay engaged so they can pass the quiz at the end.

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They Keep You Away From the Copy Room

You’ll never have to make another trip to the copy room on test day. Digital quizzes end the need to put in requisites for copies, which means you have more time to teach and engage with your students instead. Better yet, you may just be able to sleep in a little later—which is still a win.

They’re Perfect for Days With a Substitute

Keep students engaged when a substitute is teaching by using digital quizzes. You can create them at home, in bed, and then your sub can get them set up in the classroom. You can even start tweaking tomorrow’s lesson as the results of their quiz comes in.

The best part is: many digital quiz tools allow you to choose from pre-made questions, so when you’re sick, you can do less work to get the same results.

Digital Quizzes for Better Education

Digital quizzes give you an edge in your classroom. Not only will your students benefit from the quizzes, but you will, too. They make it easy to track student success and see results in real-time, allowing you to modify lessons and give students help where they need it the most.

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