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10 Ways a Teacher Blog Helps You Build Your Brand

10 Ways a Teacher Blog Helps You Build Your Brand

By Susan Saurel

A teacher blog is the perfect tool for building your teacher brand—but is that term, teacher brand, confusing to you? Most educators feel that way. You’re a teacher, not an entrepreneur. Why do you need a personal brand?

As a teacher, branding helps you identify your strengths and make them recognizable. It’s not merely about self-promotion.

  • It’s about expressing the love towards your profession.
  • It’s about inspiring students to learn and other educators to get better at what they do.
  • It’s about making constant progress in your skills.

If you want to get your first job as a teacher, or are looking to switch schools, personal branding should be your main focus.

What Is a Teacher Brand?

What do people find when they Google your name? You want them to find articles and information that present you as a great teacher. That’s what teacher branding is all about—developing your image as an excellent professional and showing that you’re a trustworthy, skilled 21st century teacher.

Blogging is a huge part of those efforts and we’ll tell you how to get started and boost your teacher brand.

How Your Teacher Blog Boosts Your Brand 

A Blog Helps You Share Your Knowledge

The point of personal branding is to show the world what you represent. This brand will demonstrate that you offer high-quality education opportunities that are relevant for the current generation of students. Not to mention, when you share knowledge and experiences that worked in your classroom, you inspire other educators to improve their skills.

Your blog becomes a platform to share your knowledge through every post you write. That’s how you make your teacher brand stronger.

You Boost Student Engagement

A blog is a great tool for boosting the engagement in your classroom. You can encourage your students to engage in online debates, and if you attract more readers to the blog, these debates will expand beyond the classroom, which is exciting for students.

You can also share posts your students have written and promote their work with your audience. Their success in writing shows your success as a teacher. That’s a good way to make your brand stronger.

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The Blog Promotes All Aspects of Your Teacher Brand

What does each brand have? A logo, colors and style, and specific visual elements that makes it unique. A teacher’s brand needs those elements, too. This becomes an identifier to your audience.

Create your own logo, or pay someone on Fiverr to do it for a few bucks. Better yet—have your students create it, so they’ll feel a sense of investment in the blog and want to contribute more.

Through Blogging, You Prove You’re Open to Trends

When you’re building a teacher brand, you have to prove you’re a tech-savvy educator. You’ll be respected as a teacher when co-workers and admin see that your methods meet the needs of modern students. As you introduce new digital tools in the classroom, for example, you can blog about the experience.

Blogging Supports Your Social Media Activity

You use social media to connect with your students and other educators. However, you also use it to develop your brand. When people see you share knowledge and valuable opinions via social media, they’ll acknowledge your quality. This social media activity is part of the personal branding process.

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You Connect with Other Educators

Blogging makes it easier to connect with like-minded people and teachers—both in your region and across the world. They may ask questions, give advice, or simply want to network with you, and you can do the same. If you trigger a discussion between educational experts on your blog, you’ll be seen as an authority.

Blogging Supports Blended Learning      

Your blog will support you as you introduce blended learning into the classroom. You can publish personalized lesson plans, videos for your students to watch at home, lists of online resources they can explore, and other materials that will be part of your curriculum.

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You Connect Your Face With Your Brand

In personal branding, it’s wise to put a face to the knowledge you’re sharing and make your personality memorable. One way to achieve that goal is with vlogs. You can film video lessons and video diaries and publish and promote them through your blog.

A Teacher Blog Helps You Build a Strong Online Presence

Here’s that big question again: what do people find when they Google your name?

If they find personal photos with friends and family, they won’t see you as a great teacher. If they find high-quality content, an active blog, you’re doing things right.

Blogging Inspires You to Grow

Finally, this is the real benefit of blogging. While it’s about building your audience and showing your value as a teacher, it’s also about you. The greatest benefit comes from the very act of writing. You’re gathering resources, coming up with ideas, and presenting unique knowledge, something you might not otherwise do outside of lesson and curriculum planning.

With every post you write, your teacher blog furthers your brand within your profession. You are a modern, intelligent and effective teacher—that’s your brand. Now go out and grow it.

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10 Ways a Teacher Blog Helps You Build Your Brand

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