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15 Reasons Teachers Are Superheroes

15 Reasons Teachers Are Superheroes

By Jessica Sanders

There aren’t enough words to express how grateful we are for the teachers we’ve encountered in our many years of schooling and those who we work with now thanks to Whooo’s Reading.

Even as kids we knew that teachers were a special breed of superhero, and these teacher humor ecards certainly prove that.

1. Appreciation doesn’t come in the form of a superhero-worthy salary.

ya right

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2. “I’m sorry but none of my superhero skills apply to these tests.”

imagined Id be

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3. Kids are the least attentive species on the planet.

antsy kids

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4. The work never ends… and sometimes it’s just so obvious.

can't shut off

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5. This.

kids dont understand

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6. Your priorities are SO misunderstood.

never stops

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7. This kind of attention to detail doesn’t come naturally.

attention to detail

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8. There’s never a shortage of dumb questions.

dumb questions

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9. … Said no one ever. (Except one teacher to another…)


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10. The most wonderful time of the year my a**.


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11. “It’s movie day, Kids!”


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12. #TheStruggleisReal

duct tape

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13. You save the fun work for the weekend… at least that’s what you tell yourself.


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14. “Do we even have bathrooms in this school?”


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15. Because sometimes there’s just nothing you can do.


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Teacher humor aside, we support all of the teachers we’ve had the pleasure of learning from, and all the other ones out there trying to stay sane in one of the noblest professions that exist. Thank you!

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