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5 Tech Resources for Special Needs Children

5 Tech Resources for Special Needs Children

By Lizzy Chan

Finding tech resources to assist children with special needs can often be difficult so we did the looking for you. Use these tips and tools to integrate technology and enhance learning in your classroom.

1. Edudemic: 50 Must-See Blogs for Special Needs Teachers

Listed are 50 blogs written by teachers and educational professionals. They share their insights about working with special needs students, and provide tips and advice about the education technology they’ve integrated into their classrooms.

2. Autcraft

Minecraft is a popular open-ended video game about building and digging and can be played with other users. Autcraft allows children with autism, who struggle to build social connections on a normal group server to play Minecraft with other children with autism.

Autcraft was founded by Stuart Duncan, father to a son with autism, and who has Asperger’s himself. The server is administered by adults with autism, parents of autistic children, and family members of someone with autism.

3. EdTech Magazine: “How Technology is Helping Special-Needs Students Excel”

EdTech Magazine guides you through the development of assistive technologies for individuals with physical and learning disabilities, and how these technologies have enabled special-needs students integrate into general education classes. Take special note of the tech tools that were used to connect with and empower these students.

4. 8 Helpful Assistive Technology Tools for Your Classroom

The tech experts at Teach Thought are making it easy for you to find the best technology for your special needs students. Use this list of assistive technology for individuals with hearing and seeing disabilities to find new ways to integrate tech in your classroom.

5. Assistive Technology for Kids with LD: An Overview

What is assistive technology (AT) for kids with a learning disability? “AT for kids with LD is defined as any device, piece of equipment or system that helps bypass, work around or compensate for an individual’s specific learning deficits,” according to Great! Schools. Learn more about how you can use this educational technology to enhance development while playing to the strengths of your students.

What tech resources have been successful in your classroom? Share in the comments!

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