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The Great Summer “Break” Hoax—Teachers, You Know

The Great Summer “Break” Hoax—Teachers, You Know

By Jessica Sanders

There are many myths about what summer break actually means for teachers—this is the Great Summer “Break” Hoax and you know it all too well.


The Hoax: Teachers don’t do anything over summer break.

Wait, what? How do I get in on that??


The Hoax: Teachers take three months off from working.

That’s right, because my yearly salary is so high, I don’t have to work for three months of the year. HA!


The Hoax: Teachers don’t go back to the classroom until the first bell of the school year rings.

Oh, that’s cute, you think the classroom just poofs into a magical place of learning?


The Hoax: Teachers spend every day poolside.

And when do you expect me to prep lessons and classroom decorations?


The Hoax: Teachers sit on Pinterest all day long.

…Wait. That one might be true.

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