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What Kind of Teacher Are You? (As Told by eCards)

What Kind of Teacher Are You? (As Told by eCards)

By Jessica Sanders

What kind of teacher are you? Do you love laminating classroom resources? Are you blogging about your newest technology find? Either way, it doesn’t matter to us; we love all of you just the same!

The Techie

You welcome the world of EdTech with open arms, and your students love you for it.



The Grammar Queen

“No misplaced comma or hanging preposition gets by me, mister!”

grammar queen


The “I love school supplies a little too much” Kind

This just might be every teacher.



The Generous Kind

“I can save the world, one home stationary item at a time.”



The “I like trick questions” Kind

“Oh, you think you’ll pass that exam? HA”

trick questions


The Realist 

You put everything into a real world context—your students will thank you eventually.



The Social Media Maven

You have an active Instagram account, busy Twitter feed, more Pinterest boards than you can count. Oh yeah, and your favorite hashtag is #iteachtoo.

social media maven


The Traditionalist 

“Tell me more about the World Wide Web and how it could possibly replace textbooks and worksheets.”



The Proud Kind

“Yeah, that’s right, I mold young minds. What of it?”



The “I can’t keep up with all these changes” Kind

“Do you just want to run my class for me?”

keep up with these changes


The Dedicated Educator

Long days, low pay—it doesn’t matter because you’re doing what you truly love. All we have to say is, you keep doing you; we applaud you!



The Morning Person

“Oh no, I don’t drink coffee.” Cue the eye roll.

morning person


The Newbie

Your first year as a teacher = unofficial on the job training.



The Procrastinator

“But my classroom design Pinterest board is so bare!”



The Creative Genius

I can laminate this, this and this and then decorate their folders with these stickers I just bought!



The “Kid at heart” Kind

“I’m a better teacher than you because I never grew up.”

never grew up


The “Aint nobody got time for this” Kind

But you would never say aint, we know.

nobody got time for this


Be a cool teacher and sign up for our free online teacher tool, Whooo’s Reading.

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